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Meet our Chickenalities

Each chicken has their own unique personality and with that comes their own feed preference!

Click each card below to learn more about our unique chickenalities and the Kalmbach® feeds they enjoy! 


The Adventurer

Courageous personality

Always trying to cross the road

Like Cathy, Annie loves those vibrant yolks from YolkProud in Kalmbach® 17% Layer Feeds!

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The Barnyard Bodybuilder

Strong personality

Stronger eggs

Betty chooses Kalmbach® Hi Omegga because she loves to lay extra-nutritious eggs!

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The Coop Clown

Unique personality

Wild feathers

Like Annie, Cathy loves those vibrant yolks from YolkProud in Kalmbach® 17% Layer Feeds!

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The Chef

Accomplished personality

Loves to make food delicious AND healthy

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The Diva

Luxurious personality

Struts the coop runways in her free time

Dixie trusts Kalmbach® Start Right Chick Feed to help her grow beautiful feathers!

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The Henhouse Hippie

Wholesome personality, wholesome eggs

Teaches other hens about natural egg delivery

Holly relies on Kalmbach® Henhouse Reserve because she loves the wholesome blend of nutritious ingredients!

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The Ladies Man

Fresh personality

Comes on strong, especially on weekends

Lorenzo also relies on Kalmbach® Henhouse Reserve, it's rooster approved!

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The Skater

Totally gnarly personality

Has finally mastered the kickflip

Sam wants to be strong and fit, so he chooses Kalmbach® Start Right Chick Feed!

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The Web Developer

Can't keep him out of the water

Loves to duck into coffee shops

His secret? Kalmbach® Flock Maintainer

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We proudly feed our chickenalities Kalmbach®

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