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  1. Y-Tex GardenStar Insect Dust-On 2 lb.
    SKU# 509745

    GardStar garden and poultry dust is a multi-purpose insecticide for outdoor residential use. It is broad spectrum and ready to use on vegetable and ornamental plants, poultry and swine. Broad label with multi-purpose uses. Can be applied to a wide variety of plants and animals. Kills a broad range of insect and mite pests. Environmentally friendly. Contains permethrin, a highly effective insecticide with low mammalian toxicity. For poultry and poultry houses, home vegetable gardens, outdoor ornamental plants, swine and swine bedding.

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  2. Vetericyn Poultry Plus 8 oz.
    SKU# 550310

    Jumpstart the healing process and protect your flock with Vetericyn Plus® Antimicrobial Poultry Care, the safe and effective way to clean and help the healing process of pecking sores, wounds, foot injuries, and skin irritations.

    Features & Benefits

    • Clean and help the healing process of wounds and pecking sores
    • Skin Irritations
    • Great for vent prolapse, frost bite, bumblefoot
    • Free of alcohol, steroids, and antibiotics
    • Will not sting or burn
    • Safe if ingested
    • No egg withdrawal period
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  3. sav-A-chick Combo Pack
    SKU# 675870



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  4. Poultry Egg Incubator Pro with Fan and Egg Turner
    SKU# 348305

    With 60 watts of power, this digital circulated air incubator with an auto egg turner is the perfect addition for growing your flock!

    Features & Benefits

    • Digital display shows temperature, humidity, and days to hatch
    • E-Z Fill Water Channels let you add water without removing the lid
    • IncutekTM heater heats to factory pre-set of 100° F within minutes
    • Days to hatch countdown is set at 21 days. Adjustable for a variety of eggs
    • Hi/Lo temp notification light flashes when outside of range(<97° F or >103° F)
    • Integrated fan pulls in and circulates fresh air to stabilize temperature and improve hatch
    • Automatic egg turner eliminates manual handling. Holds 41 eggs
    • Egg Candler lets you check the internal development process of the eggs
    • Durable lastic shell protects incubator and is easy to clean
    • Large picture window provides 360° unobstructed view inside incubator. Great for educational observation
    • Deep bottom tray to accommodate even large duck & goose eggs
    • Eco-Friendly – made with recycled and insulating polystyrene foam

    Additional Resources

    PDF - Farm Innovators Guide to Incubation and Hatching

    PDF - The Science of Incubation

    PDF - Incubation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  5. Poultry Egg Candler
    SKU# 348310
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  6. Poultry Feeder 25 lb. Galvanized
    SKU# 638125

    This Galvanized High-Capacity Poultry Feeder comes completely assembled ready to store and dispenses up to 25 pounds of mash, pellet or crumble feed. The feeder easily mounts on wall or frame. The specially designed chute provides a steady food flow while feed saver grid prevents the bottom from overfilling and keeps birds from sweeping feed out of unit

    Features & Benefits

    • Completely assembled, made of tough, galvanized steel
    • Stores and dispenses up to 25 lbs. of mash, pellet or crumble feed
    • Mounts on wall or frame
    • Specially designed chute allows for steady food flow
    • Feed saver grid prevents bottom from overfilling and keeps birds from sweeping feed out of unit
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  7. Poultry Waterer Round 1 pt. Galvanized
    SKU# 638135

    Built-in hooks allow this waterer to hang off the ground to reduce spillage and soiling of water. Saves space on your hutch or coop floor, too. Gravity-feed design is easy to fill and clean. Sturdy galvanized steel has rolled edges for safety. Economical and perfect for the small flock of adult birds. 1-pint capacity.

    Features & Benefits

    • Reduces spillage and soiling of water
    • Gravity-feed design
    • Built-in hooks
    • Galvanized steel with rolled edges
    • 1-pint capacity
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  8. Poultry Feeder Trough 18 in. Galvanized
    SKU# 638150

    This Double-Tuf Galvanized Trough Feeder is made of tough stuff. Made from sturdy galvanized steel for durability, and features rolled edges for safety. The large 18" trough area holds up to 3 lbs. of feed. Rear hooks allow for easy hanging in the coop or hutch.

    Features & Benefits

    • Sturdy galvanized steel construction with rolled edges for safety
    • Built-in hooks for hanging in hutch or coop
    • Large trough area holds up to 3 lbs. of feed
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  9. Poultry Waterer with Legs 1 gal.
    SKU# 639430



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