Water Softener Salt 40 lb. Yellow Bag

Water Softener Salt 40 lb. Yellow Bag

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Product Details

Keep your shower and appliances running smoothly by transforming your hard water with high purity Bright & Soft® Water Softener Salt Pellets.

These 99.7% typical water softener salt pellets are specially formulated to prevent mushing and bridging in the water softener brine tank—helping to keep your water softener clean and trouble-free. Our patented two-handled bags make lifting and carrying easier than ever. Bright & Soft® Water Softener Salt Pellets are recommended for most water softeners.

These products are acceptable for regeneration of water softener ion exchange resins and conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 - Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects and also meets the AWWA Standard for Sodium Chloride B-200. These products are intended for use in both household and commercial water softeners and can be utilized effectively in most water softening units. These products contain no known allergens and exhibit virtually no microbiological activity


Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft® Salt Pellets may contain Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) which improves resistance to mushing and bridging. SHMP is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Chemical Analysis

Component Units Typical Specification
Sodium Chloride (dry) % 99.7 99.6 min.
Water Insolubles ppm 100  

Methods of Analysis

Methods of analysis are based on ASTM E 534, AWWA B 200, and Cargill internal methods.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Helps extend life of appliances, pipes and fixtures
  • Helps keep laundry and hair, soft and bright
  • Premium-purity water softener salt 
  • 99.7% typical pure salt
  • Virtually 100% water soluble 
  • Compacted pellets specially formulated to prevent mushing and bridging 
  • Patented two-handle bags make lifting and carrying easy
  • Recommended for most water softeners