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  1. Kent® Rounders® Horse Treats Spiced Apple 30 oz. Bag
    SKU# 304000

    Molasses Flavored Rounders are an all-natural horse treat, fortified with vitamins and minerals. Molasses Flavored Rounders have a unique, sweet molasses flavor that horses can’t resist.

    Features & Benefits

    • Made with All-Natural Ingredients - Healthier for horse, more acceptable to owner.
    • Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese, Plus Bio- Available Selenium - The greater absorption and utilization of zinc, copper, manganese and selenium helps meet the increased needs for bone, muscle and tissue strength in growing horses and performance horses. Overall reproductive performance and efficiency is sustained in breeding mares and stallions.
    • Vitamin Fortified - Provides a supplemental source of vitamins to guard against deficiencies and maintain optimal health.
    • Unique and Highly Palatable Flavor - Keeps horses coming back for more.
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  2. Kent™ Active Dog™ Dog Food Active Dog 40 lb. Bag
    SKU# 112005

    Kent Active Dog is a great choice for supplying the extra calories needed for performance, work, hunting, or whenever extra condition is desired. The high protein content from quality, digestible pork and poultry sources helps dogs maintain muscle mass and strength. The high fat content from chicken provides a palatable and natural energy source to meet the demands of active dogs. Active Dog is nutritionally complete for all life stages.

    Features & Benefits

    • Quality Protein to support muscle and tissue integrity
    • Healthy Fats & Oils to support skin and hair coat condition
    • Essential Micro-Nutrients to support the immune system
    • Dietary Fiber to support digestive activity and health
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  3. Kent™ Baby Beef™ Cattle Feed Pellets 34% Protein 50 lb. Bag
    SKU# 98875

    Kent 34% Baby Beef, the foundation of Kent Feeds and our best nutrition program, is a natural protein supplement ideal for all classes of cattle. Kent 34% Baby Beef is particularly suited for young beef animals, growing and developing cattle, breeding stock, and show cattle. This supplement can be fed through the entire finishing period or switch cattle to a more economical supplement containing urea after the stress period is over and cattle can utilize the urea more efficiently.

    Features & Benefits

    • PNP (Protected Natural Protein) - A type of protein which bypasses the rumen to improve the quality of protein available to the animal for growth.
    • Calcium and Phosphorus - A 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio aids in balancing the ration regardless of feedstuffs included.
    • Trace minerals and vitamins - Formulated to provide trace minerals and vitamins to help support optimal animal health and performance.
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